Evil Blood - 1989 - Midnight In Sodom

1.Midnight In Sodom
2.Bat Coven
3.Countess Laura Whore
4.Evil Blood
5.We Are The Satan/S.B.M.B.N.M.
6.Carrie White Burns In Hell
7.To Hell And Back
8.Ave Sathanas
9.The Beast


Evil Blood - 1986 - The Best of Evil Blood

1.We Are the Satan (Prologue)
2.S.A.D.O. Violence (Die Sinner-Witchcraft/8
3.Evil Blood
4.Sinful Nun
5.Countess Laura Whore
6.Carrie White Burn in Hell
7.Seventh Sabbath
8.In the Name of Religion (live)
9.Ave Satanas
10.Kill with Napalm (Pray to Die-Witchcraft/8
12.To Hell & Back One Day
13.Written in Blood (live)
14.To Hell & Back One Day (2)
15.Vietnam Combat Fever (Trust in Evil-Witchcraft/8
16.Den of Vice
17.Midnight in Sodom
18.Bat Connan
19.The Beast


Speed Metal / Croatia (Split), now Scotland